Best Tasting Healthy Choice Frozen Meals

healthy-choice-boxHealthy Choice knows how to make frozen diet food at a great price. But which entrées make the cut for your taste buds?

We've compiled and analyzed reviews from across the online world to put together a list of the best tasting Healthy Choice meals:

First Place Blue Ribbon:

Meatball Marinara

Italian dishes such as this one are especially popular because they allow dieters to indulge in a comfort food that’s normally high in calories. One reviewer claimed the Meatball Marinara they “would've been happy if someone served this to me in a restaurant.”

Another reviewer swooned over its nutritional value as well, “It has the perfect carb to protein ratio and it has a low sodium content and best of all it tastes amazing!"

Runner Up:

General Tso's Spicy Chicken

A long-time favorite by many, this recipe boasts an authentic stir-fried flavor. If you dig spicy and sweet, then this is for you.

"… all I can say is wow," claimed one reviewer. "I can't believe how much flavor and tasty spicy spice is in this frozen food."

Despite its spiciness, General Tso's impresses with its sauce. " The sauce Is definitely spicy but doesn't drown the dish in a gooey sauce. The vegetables always taste fresh…"

3rd Place:

Lasagna with Meat Sauce
With their "Baked " line, Healthy Choice has perfected home-style dishes such as Lasagna.  Dr. Gourmet says the sauce had a “…strong oregano component that’s not sweet but savory.”

Another reviewer noted, “Lasagna Bake is by far my favorite recent addition…and I eat a Healthy Choice meal virtually every day.”

Honorable Mentions:

Kung Pao Chicken

Enjoy a spicy kick without the extra fat and calories.  One reviewer's mouth watered as it was “full of those zesty Asian spices.”

A second reviewer added, “Not only does it taste delicious, I do not feel guilty while eating it.”  I assume her lack of guilt is because unlike Chinese restaurant Kung Pao dishes, the Healthy Choice version weighs in at only 290 calories.

Honey Balsamic Chicken

“Best healthy tasting thing ever,” raved one dieter's review. “So good, I looked up recipes so I could make my own.”

“The flavor is very nice and the chicken tastes better than other frozen meals,” noted another reviewer.


After the taste test was completed, the good folks at Healthy Choice changed the recipe for the Honey Balsamic Chicken. They replaced the asparagus with green beans and increased the red potatoes. In my humble opinion, they shouldn't have changed it.  The new version isn't as good. Are you listening, Healthy Choice?

Fortunately, Healthy Choice is doing a lot of things right. Many of their meals are amongst the best rated for taste, when compared to their two major competitors Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones. My personal favorites include: Chicken & Potatoes with Peach BBQ Sauce, Chicken Enchilada Bake, and Slow Roasted Turkey Bake.

And for those dietitians out there, Healthy Choice meals are generally lower in sodium and higher in potassium than most other brands of frozen meals.  For you non-dietitians, let me tell you, this is definitely a positive characteristic!