Best Tasting Smart Ones Frozen Meals

smartones-boxWhen it comes to inexpensive diet foods, Smart Ones is a smart choice. But which of their meals should you definitely place in your shopping basket?

We've evaluated reviewer's opinions from around the "world-wide interwebs," here's what we found:

The Winner of the Smart Ones Taste Test is…

Mini Rigatoni with Vodka Cream Sauce

Rich, creamy, and saucy, what’s not to love?  Especially at only 270 calories!  Smart Ones’ diet-friendly version of this dish could easily be compared to authentic Italian.

Reviewers generally raved about this Smart Ones favorite.

“Easy to cook, tastes great, satisfying, (and) easy to spice up when I was something different," said one reviewer.

 Smart Ones surprised another reviewer at  "This dish really impressed me!  I wasn’t expecting much but was thrilled by how much I enjoyed this pasta."

Runner Up:

Chicken Fettuccini

Think diet fettuccini can’t taste good? Think again. This Italian dish is one of the most widely enjoyed.

A reviewer said, “There was an extra spiciness to this that I didn’t expect, but enjoyed.”

Another reviewer gushed, “Just the perfect amount of chicken & seasoning.”

3rd Place:

Chicken Parmesan said it’s definitely dish they bought again. “The tomato sauce was far superior to Lean Cuisine’s…The cheese was a very nice addition and the pasta was more or less cooked pretty well.”

While most reviewers commented on how cheesy it was, it was the portion that made one reviewer from satisfied. “It seemed the perfect size for me.”

Honorable Mentions:

Traditional Lasagna with Meat Sauce

Craving more Italian than your waistline can afford? said Smart Ones’ lasagna impressed with its “true Italian, zesty flavored sauce and just the right amount of meat and cheese.”

Another reviewer exclaimed, “This one (has) great flavor and you feel like you ate a pretty large meal when you're done…always a plus when dieting.”

Chicken Enchiladas Suizas

Don't forget the zesty flavors from South of the border! One reviewer “really like the cheese sauce they use. It's great for sopping up the rice. This meal is pretty decent and the whole thing works well together."

Said another reviewer, “These had a surprising and welcome kick. Very filling, too. I did not need to snack."

Remember, Smart Ones meals are often on sale for as little as $2.00 each at your local supermarket.

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