Eat Slowly to Slim Down

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Don’t eat quickly.  Why?

It takes about 20 minutes for satiety (fullness) signals from your stomach to register in your brain (thanks a lot, evolution!)   As a result, if you eat quickly, you’re doomed to one of two fates at the end of each meal:

1)    You’ve eaten too much, and are stuffed and annoyed with yourself.


2)    You’ve eaten everything on your portion-controlled plate, but still feel hungry, chipping away at your resolve to stick with your diet.

So… SLOW DOWN.  By eating slowly, you’ll actually enjoy your food more, as you’ll now have the ability to truly appreciate the taste, smell, and tactile pleasures of your meal.

Here’s a couple of tricks to consciously slow yourself down.

1) Do you usually hold the fork with your right hand?  Then use your left.  Switching hands will make your eating less “automatic.”

2) Remember that there’s no law that says you have to fill your spoon or fork all the way, each time you bring it to your mouth.  After all, you’re enjoying a meal, not digging your way out of San Quentin!

Relax, slow down, and enjoy your meal.   Don’t rush to the finish line – this is not a race!  Eating is all about the journey, so appreciate the ride.  After all, the “destination” you arrive at is really just a dirty plate that has to be washed.  Why rush?