How to Lose Weight Easily Using Frozen Meals from Your Supermarket

By Andrea Morganstein MS, RD, LD
Consulting Dietitian with I Love This Diet


Too busy to cook low calorie meals?

Don't worry… you can lose weight using frozen meals from your supermarket!

Here's how to do it in 5 easy steps:

1) Choose Frozen Meals Between 250 and 375 Calories

Many entrees from Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, and Weight Watchers Smart Ones qualify.  Using coupons and sales, you can often buy them for as little as $2.00 a piece.

Got a Little More Cash?

Frozen meals from Kashi and Amy’s Light and Lean are also great, though plan on spending between $3.00 – $4.99.

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2) Choose Meals with under 650mg of Sodium

Too much sodium can raise blood pressure. A healthy adult should eat less than 2300mg of sodium per day.

3) Select Meals with at least 4 grams of fiber.

Fiber helps keep you feeling full, and also helps lower your cholesterol levels. 

4) Choose a Variety, so You Won't Get Bored.

Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice and Smart Ones provide over 250 different frozen meals. That's a lot to choose from!  Try to favor the meals that have lots of veggies, but the occasional single serving pizza is fine.

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5) Get Creative!

You can “jazz up” your frozen meals by adding spices or vegetables. Check out the super-easy recipe on your left from the Lazy Girls Diet Cookbook.

For similar recipes, download the FREE "Lazy Girls Diet Cookbook" here.

While you're losing weight with frozen meals, you'll want to add the right servings of fruit, veggies, and dairy. But that's the subject for a different article!

Want Some Help?

You can find an easy, very inexpensive diet plan based on supermarket frozen meals at, where I am a consulting dietitian.  To see how it works, watch the brief video below:

Today is the Day to Take Action!

If you find yourself pushed for time, frozen foods may be the right way for you to lose weight. Go for it!

Of course, if cooking is your passion, then this plan won't suit you at all. Don't worry – I promise you that there is a path to weight loss that will work for you.  And remember to consult your physician before beginning any diet program.

Andrea Morganstein is a Registered Dietitian, with an MS in Nutrition.  She specializes in weight loss, for both adults and children.